Six pack abs: home workout routine without any equipment

A washboard stomach is on top of every fitness fanatic’s wish list. You don’t really need to subscribe and pay to “unlock” the secrets of building six pack abs. A good diet, plenty of cardio and this home workout plan is all you need to build your six pack abs.

Six pack abs come in different shapes and sizes. Some people have a six pack, others – only a four pack. Although rare, selected few even have an eight pack. Regardless of their shape and size, six pack abs are down to genes, working out and diet.

Six pack abs: home ab curcuit

Six pack abs home circuit: How to do it?

Do 3 sets per session, 2-4 times a week. Rest for 2mins between sets but don’t rest between each exercise. If you find that difficult, allow yourself enough rest between sets.
For maximum results, you must focus on the area that you are working out and on your breathing. Execute the exercises in a controlled manner and exhale as you contract your abs.
You must complete all exercises in the circuit back to back.

Six pack abs home circuit: Which muscles does it target?

The exercises included in the circuit target most abdominal and core muscles in your body.
The crunches and leg raises target your upper and lower abdominals.
The side crunches and Russian twists target your obliques (or “love handles” if you prefer).
The plank targets your transverse abdominis. This is the deepest layer of your abdominal muscle. It wraps around your torso (back to front and from ribs to pelvis).

Six pack abs home circuit: What to expect?

Tom’s home ab circuit is designed to strengthen and develop your core muscles, and to sculpt your abdominal area.
If you are after a lean six pack look, you need to combine the circuit training with a fat-loss diet and cardio training.

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